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Sponsor A Seat

Sponsor A Seat

8 March 2024
  • An engraved plaque will be affixed to each seat with a message of your choosing.

  • The plaque can be displayed for ten years at a one-off cost of £100 per seat or £200 per seat for a business advertisment.

  • You need to have an account with the Regent in order to complete your purchase.

  • Thank you so much for supporting our work by leaving a lasting legacy with us.

Sponsor A Seat Form

Sponsor A Seat

Terms and conditions

  • Seat plaque sponsorship will last 10 years.

  • The Regent (Christchurch) Ltd reserves the right to amend plaque wording  and or lacation but will attempt to contact the sponsor in the rare event that this be necessary. The plaque may be moved to an alternative seat or location during the sponsorship period for example, maintenance, changes to the auditorium layout, refurbishments and unforeseen circumstances.

  • The plaque sponsor does not have exclusive booking privileges on the named seat and should book tickets for this or any other seat through a regular booking channel and to the standard booking timescales. The plaque remins property of the Regent (Christchurch) Ltd.

  • Sponsorship forms a donation to the charitable works of the Regent Centre (charity number 1089084). It is not refundable.